About Us

About Us


Everyone is aware about a statement - “muh mitha kijiye” whenever there is any auspicious occasion. People say this because sweets are an integral aspect and vital element of joy and happiness.

Whether it’s a birthday, buying a new vehicle, success in studies/work or getting married ; sharing sweets is a tradition and habit that’s inside us and will always remain.

Festivals and Sweets are so synonymous with each other and every festival is incomplete without its essence.

No matter if you are celebrating a little joy, a special occasion, a festival or whatever, do not forget to share your happiness with others by buying sweets.

We at mithaiwaale bring sweets more closer to you and will be a part of your happiness and celebrations all the way.

Order them online at your comfort just at the click of a button and get them delivered at your desired location for you, or as a gift for someone at their location.

Let’s celebrate life along with some Sweets!!!

Sweetly Yours,

Mithaiwaale.com : Delivering Sweetness @ Your Doorstep.